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Melissa Joy Adams' Journal

About That Word Count....

12 October 1975
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I was living in NYC for about 7 years. Tried life as an actor, decided I didn't like it. While there I went back to school to study literature. I received a MA in British and American Literature from Hunter College. I'm finishing up my thesis for a second MA in Children's Literature from Hollins University. My plan for 2008 is still up in the air. I will be pursuing a PhD in Literature or a MLS depending on where I'm accepted. One goal is to be a tentured professor and have published scholarly material; the other goal is to be a Librarian, still publishing scholarly materials.

I'm currently living in rural PA. I miss NYC and my friends, but trees, quiet, and lots of space are really nice to have. Since moving, I've begun creative writing again. I've started two YA novels and hope to continue writing, working on my craft, and eventually publish a book.