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Mar. 25th, 2010

Flower Girl

Too Long

I just realized it has been almost an entire year since I last posted anything here. I need to get my priorities straight. Writing should be one of the most important things I do, not the first thing that goes off the long to do list, which is what happens now. Saying that here clearly won't make that happen, but maybe just maybe being more aware of this much needed change will help me actually make it in the future.

I have several papers coming up that need my attention, but maybe in between trying to write about Library Collection Policies, I can pull out my YA novel, wipe the dust of the pages, and start thinking about where I want it to go. Becca (my MC) has been silent for a long while, but that's mostly because I've stopped listening to her for even longer. I'm also wondering if getting into Zach's head would be helpful for the novel. And if so how. I'm not sure I know how to get into the head of a teenage boy.

Maybe I'll have to read more John Green to help there--maybe re-read 13 Reasons Why too.

Apr. 26th, 2009

Flower Girl

BEDA for today

Today was way too hot. I'm not a fan of sweating, unless I'm exercising, in which case I fully appreciate it's cooling properties. Thank God for air conditioning.

I woke up today at 1pm, way way too late in the day, because I didn't fall asleep the night before until 5am. I started reading a new book and HAD to finish it. Echo by Kate Morgenroth. This is a really interesting book--very unique and well crafted. I could have used a little more tying up of the ends but that's a reader response critique not a writing one.

Just finished a paper for school. I think it is crap, but I'm crossing my fingers the prof won't agree. :) I could work on it more, but it's the end of the term and I'm physically and mentally drained.

Drinking wine and watching TV before collapsing in my bed.

Apparently Twitter and Facebook has made me write in short choppy sentences.

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Apr. 25th, 2009

Flower Girl

Tired and with little to say

I've mostly wasted away this beautiful but hot spring day. I had so much work to do and I did nothing. And now I'm sitting down to enjoy a tasty ice cream sundae while watching 3:10 to Yuma. Meanwhile my cat is stretched out on a plastic bag sleeping contentedly.

Ah the simple pleasures of life.

Does a short blog count for a BEDA? :)

Apr. 24th, 2009

Flower Girl

BEDA/Friday Five

I'm sad I didn't hear about BEDA until now.  I saw a few people posting about this but didn't take the time to find out what it was until now.  That said, I'm going to attempt to BEDA from now until the end of the month. It's only a few days left, but better late than never.

My BEDA for today:  A Friday Five

1.  This is my first friday five every and I'm very excited about it.  But I'm not really sure what I'm do exactly, so I hope this is right.

2.  I discovered a new wine today that I really enjoy... A Clover Hill DeChaunac.  The wine is very smooth, slightly sweet, and has a nice warm full mouth. 

3.  The weather was so gorgeous so I took a long walk basking in the sun.  Lots of daffodils were in bloom along my path.

4.  Shamefully I still haven't written anything new in my YA novel/thesis, but I did write a 5 page paper for one of my FSU classes.  (Have to write a 1000 word paper sometime this weekend.)

5.  I just learned that acupuncture can help with allergies.  I'm going to have to investigate this more and find a local acupuncturist.

Apr. 17th, 2009

Flower Girl


Has anyone seen the Hunger Mountain Writing Contest? If so...those of you who know more about actually being writers professionally....would this be a good thing to apply to? Are there any downsides to winning, getting part of a book published in an online journal? Like later if you ever want to publish you'll get screwed, etc?
Word Count

Judge Joe Brown....

is on the TV.

My head hurts. 

I'm exhausted.

I should take a nap.

Instead, I'm sitting infront of my PC hoping that the Inspiration Fairy will smack me with her stick and I'll be able to write a genius (or hell even a somewhat logical) chapter 4. 

Meanwhile in the kitchen.....a English Pastie bakes in my oven.  (Yum)

Apr. 14th, 2009

Flower Girl

PBS Twelfth Night

Does anyone out there know where or how I can get a copy of a 1998 PBS's Live from Lincoln Center production of Twelfth Night? It was directed by Nicholas Hytner and starred Helen Hunt and Paul Rudd. I've checked the PBS website but they don't list a way to buy it that I can see. I've tried seeing if copies were listed in the libraries such as Worldcat, Library of Congress, and NYPL. I know that a copy of every broadway production is supposed to be kept at one of the libraries in NYC which is dedicated to theater, but even if it is at that library, those copies cannot be taken out of the library.

I found someone with a copy of it several years ago after I saw it but the copy I had got damaged and I ended up throwing it away. Now I can't remember where or from whom I got that copy, nor can I find anyone else that has a copy who would be willing to make me a copy.

I MUST have a copy of this version of the play. It's my all time favorite version and nothing anymore compares to it. Plus I love that it's filmed as a real stage version so that if I were to show clips of it when teaching, students would really get a good idea of what a live play is like verses a filmed play.

I keep hoping that PBS will reshow it some day and I can record my own copy, but over 10 years later I've had no such luck.

Nov. 19th, 2008

Flower Girl

Read this book

Th1rteen R3asons Why by Jay Asher. This is one of the best books I've read. It's very very well written. I read it for pleasure but also stopped occasionally to look at how it was written since I was suppose to read it for my on-line Tutorial Class with Alexandria. She thought I was doing something similar and that looking at it would help me construct my novel. I see why she thought that it was like what I was doing, but I've kind of gone a different route now, plus looking at his book I could NEVER weave mine together like he did. It is just perfect. What he does is tell two stories that intersect from two characters POV. What's different about this is that he doesn't separate the two stories via chapters like most writers doing this would/do. It's sometimes sentences or paragraphs only from one story to the next. Part of what keeps it clear what's going on is the italics for one story and part of what makes the shifting so UNBELIEVABLY perfect is the subtle way themes, works, concepts are crossed over from one to the other. It makes for one great story. Plus, it's a compelling tale, you can connect with the characters right away, and the heart wrenching scenes made every cell in my body groan (yes I know I'm a little overly dramatic).

Oh another reason to like it is that its main character is a boy. A really realistic and likable boy. I hope it gets more boys reading.

Also, it is good it made me want to write more--finish my thesis--make it good not just finished--made me want to tell a story that can do to others what that book did to me.

Nov. 8th, 2008

Flower Girl

My October Reading List

I think I'm going to try to do a monthly reading list like so many of my friends do. Here is October. Let's see if I can keep it up.


Books read for FSU class
Alexie, Sherman—The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian
Anderson, Laurie Halse—Twisted
Basso, Michael—The Underground Guide to Teenage Sexuality (non-fiction)
Barnard, Bryn—Outbreak: Plagues That Changed History (non-fiction)
Doctorow, Cory—Little Brother
Gaiman, Neil—Coraline
Jones, Diana Wynne—Howl’s Moving Castle
Koerge, Ron—Arizona Kid
Plum-Ucci, Carol—What Happened to Lani Garver
Rosoff Meg—How I Live Now
Satrapi, Marjane—Persepolis
Stratton, Allan—Chanda’s Secrets

Books for Pleasure
Meyer, Stephanie—Twilight (began on Oct 31 finished before 5am on Nov 1!)

Apr. 29th, 2008

Flower Girl

A Review: Ink Exchange

I review for Children's Literature Database and wanted to post this review of Melissa Marr's book Ink Exchange.  I believe it was just released today.  Go out and get your copy.

Ink Exchange

Melissa Marr

            Compared to her classmates, Leslie’s life is a struggle.  She works part-time to pay the family bills.  Her mother left years ago.  Her father is a drunk.  She is terrified of her drug dealing brother, who sold her for a few bucks to his creepy friends, letting them do whatever they wanted to her for the night.  Leslie survived but is still full of fear and pain.  She desperately wants a tattoo to reclaim her body.  She wants to change, to feel safe, in control and fearless.  The tattoo represents all she wants, the changes she intends to make, and that her body belongs to her and no one else.  Unknown to Leslie, there are far more dangerous things to fear than her brother—the dark fey.  The secret world of immortals surrounds her.  With her best friend, Aislinn, being the Queen of the faery Summer Court, a life filled with fey is inescapable.  Leslie's longings draw her to the dark faeries, and despite Aislinn’s protective forces, Leslie’s horrific past leaves her vulnerable to their powers.  What neither girl realizes is that when Leslie chooses her tattoo, she is being marked as property of Irial, King of the Dark Court.  Leslie’s desire to feel painless and fearless is granted but for a terrible price.  For the second time in Leslie’s life another person takes control of her body, using her for his pleasure, but unlike before, this time she might not survive.  In the sequel to Wicked Lovely Marr takes readers back to where the beautiful, but dark, faery world traverses the real world.  The sensual writing lures in the reader, letting him or her experience every moment of terror, or pleasure, Leslie experiences.  The intense plot, vivid characters, and stellar writing will captivate readers, making them long for more.          

BIBLIO: 2008, HarperTeen, Ages 12 up, $16.99 and $17.89

REVIEWER: Melissa Joy Adams

FORMAT: Young Adult

ISBN: 978-0-06-121468-4

ISBN: 978-0-06-121469-1

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